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Slot Magic 3 Dirt Modified body Gary Tomkins 1998 #84

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Part Number: Slot M3 GT1998#84
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The ALL NEW Slot Magic 3 is a one piece body made for easy mounting with all the upgrades the racers have been asking for ! Built in rear spoiler on rear deck with a clear lexan spoiler mounted above that. The entire body has been dropped and lowered, the body is 3/8 longer, inner wings dropped and to cover inner pan and provide the aerodynamic angle to push air down and out of the car. This is the best body we have produced in our opinion as far as looks and as far how it looks, how easy it is to mount and then most important how well it handles. It is a bit more money but that is just due to the amount of time it takes to build you a copy of this body. As with all of our bodies these are all hand made bodies, this is not a mass produced body when you order it we make body parts and build it for your order. This style body takes allot longer to build then the prior Slot Magic 1 or 2, I can build 2 of those bodies complete in the same time it takes me to build one of these. That is what the difference in price is for, just to help cover some of the extra labor that goes into producing this body. We are only producing this body in the traditional dirt style body and not a sail panel version. style dirt modified body made for most 4 inch slot car chassis. Designed and built to use with Champion Turbo Flex, Parma Flexi 1 and 2, Jk 25 are chassis these have been designed to work with. Other manufactures chassis we have been told they work on but as far as what we have used them with are those brands listed above

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